Hot Box Hail Repair Tool

Magnetic Heat Inducted Hail Repair System

The Hot Box hail repair tool is a heat induced magnetic handheld unit aimed at making the removal of hail dents and small door dings very quick and easy to use. The unit has several settings that can be adjusted depending on its application.

Maximize Efficiencies AND Profits!

The Hot Box hail repair tool has been designed for paintless dent repairs. It will allow PDR technicians to remove “small soft dents” (no sharp impression, and no creases) by lifting the dent through magnetic heat induction. This Hot Box is a Swiss manufactured product which utilizes patented technology that’s not available at any other Paintless Dent Repair School other than The Ding King.

Some dents come out perfect in less than 30 seconds, while other dings take a few minutes when used in conjunction with glue pulling techniques and traditional PDR Tools. Originally designed for removing dents from fleets of vehicles, this tool with you save you time, creating a large return on your investment.

The Hot Box + Glue Pulling =

Pretty Incredible Results for Small Hail Dings

This Hot Box hail repair tool is the perfect hail repair tool when used in conjunction with any of our three glue-pulling systems. Originally designed for dent repairs that either had zero back side access or in situations where you elect not to drop the headliners when removing hail damage.

The Hot Box hail repair tool can work the outer edges of a soft dent while leaving the center of the dent to be extracted with a small glue pull-tab. This would also be the repair process for dents that have a sharper center point of impact. This process may be repeated if necessary using a knock down process to flatten and rework till the desired results are achieved.

T-Hot Box + Traditional PDR Hand Tools =

Flawless Results for Sharper Dents

Just like in the case with the combination glue pull, the Hot Box can make repairing dents easier when used in combination of our PDR rods. The Hot Box will relieve stress on the outer “crown” areas of dent, which will permit a PDR rod to be used to finish the repairing of the dent with less force and less effort.

Are you interested in learning about modern body repair techniques? Then you have come to the right place!

We have over 23 years of experience in training body shop and dent repair technicians around the world. We work with several major auto manufacturers, helping them teach modern repair methods to their dealerships and respective body shops. We also organize training sessions to accompany the Hot Box Hail Repair Tool on every Friday. We can customize our training concept to meet your needs. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you work something out for your very own customized training program.

The Hot Box Hail Repair | Glue Pulling

Paintless Dent Repair Combo Training

The Hot Box accompanied with traditional PDR tools or with the use of glue pullers, has made removing dents much more quickly. We use our 23-year experience in the PDR business to teach you with precision, exactly how to use The Hot Box in a easy to follow, 1-day course. The Ding King is the exclusive training provider in the USA for teaching the tips, tricks and shortcuts for achieving great results while using The Hot Box. We hope to be teaching you how to make The Hot Box the “go to” tool in your shop for repairing small dents.

Focus of Training:

  • History of Dent Removal
  • Use of LED Dent Light for Reflection
  • Type of Dents Repairable with The Hot Box
  • Step-By-Step Hands-on Demonstration
  • Knock Down of High Points
  • Repairing Small Hail Dents
  • Repairing More Complicated Dents
  • Types of Glue Puller Tools
  • Access of the Entire Vehicle
  • Complimentary PDR Glue Systems
  • PDR Tool Sets That Are Used in Conjunction with The Hot Box

Hot Box Hail Repair Tool

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