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Ding King Paintless Dent Repair Training School Has 3 Customized PDR Training Programs For 3 Different Business Segments


The Ding King is Licensed to Operate a Paintless Dent Repair Training School which offers a special entrepreneurial based PDR Training program specifically designed for entrepreneurs starting their own Paintless Dent Repair business.

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Auto Dealerships & Body Shops

We have 30 years of specialized experience providing used car dealers and body shops with the know-how to bring Paintless Dent Repair and auto reconditioning services in-house. The Ding King will provide everything necessary for...

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Veterans and Vocational Rehabilitation

The Ding King has designed a fast paced and comprehensive training program designed to teach you all aspects of operating your own auto reconditioning business. Our Paintless Dent Repair Training School can help you...

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Success Stories

What our students have to say about us

If you want to learn PDR, The Ding King offers 1-on-1 hands on training as well as small group training. Your choice!!!! 7 training centers across the USA.

Why Ding King

More than 30 years of hands on experience mastering Paintless Dent Repair!
The Ding King Painless Dent Repair Training School will provide you with as much PDR Training as you require to become 100% confident in your abilities. Having been teaching PDR for over 30 years, we realize that everyone learns at a different rate of speed. For that reason, we keep our class sizes small and also offer 1-on-1 PDR Training for those customers seeking that extra personal attention. Check out some of the reasons why we believe The Ding King Paintless Dent Repair Training School is your best choice for PDR Training. Your success is truly our success!

a few words from the Ding King founder

"I build my path to success with hard work and dedication. I have learned though out the years expert techniques and gained enough experience to share with many other successful students. We care about providing competent education programs. Ding King is a game changer education institution."

Todd Sudeck - Founder of Ding King

A+ Rating for 30 Years with The Better Business Bureau

The way we do things matter. We have gained a solid A+ reputation by doing things the right way. We make sure our students leave completely satisfied with what we have to offer.

PDR Certification Offered Upon Graduation

Any serious educational institution needs to provide solid paperwork to back up our experience. We make sure to comply with Paintless Dent Repair requirements.

Incredible Reviews About Our PDR Training Schools

Learning with us is not just a knowledge building experience but a friendly and fun learning process. We make sure our trainers are sociable and helpful along the entire step of each program.

Guaranteed Training to Meet Your Highest Expectations

Our certified trainers provide incite to real case scenarios and master techniques you will rarely find elsewhere. We know the industry inside out.

PDR Training Schools Conveniently Located

We make it available to have near locations placed strategical so we can reach out to as many aspiring students. Let us know if you need any additional information regarding our locations.


PDR Training Locations in California, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, New York and South Carolina.


We Have Received Offers From Chevroler, Dodge, Ford, BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz

Meet The King

As President and Founder of The Ding King, I wanted to introduce myself, say hello and share with you how important your success is for everyone at The Ding King!
meet the king

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    We want to reach as many aspiring students and help them jump start their education and embrace a long lasting career in the PDR industry.

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    30 Years of Experience

    In this industry, experience matters. We have an impressive backup of experienced trainers that will aid your learning process the entire way of your education.