PDR School for Auto Dealerships & Body Shops

Adding Paintless Dent Repair to Your Business

Our PDR School teaches Paintless Dent Repair which has become a profitable service for used car dealers and body shops seeking to cash in on adding-on a new revenue stream while eliminating sublet vendor expense, which all translates into more profit! Our PDR School will provide you with the quality PDR Training for two technicians for the price of one and will include one complete PDR Tool package. Our PDR School will help you to capitalize on offering the services “in-house” by offering you the TOTAL RECON solutions and is highly profitable.

Three Potential Profit Centers

  1. Offering PDR To Service Drive Customers
  2. Repairing Hail Damaged Cars and Trucks
  3. Reconditioning Your Used Cars

PDR requires quality training and quality tools. Ding King PDR School manufactures all of its PDR Tools in the USA and distributes them nationwide on every Snap On Truck. Each tool is guaranteed for life and simply put, they are the best money can buy. Our PDR School Tools are designed to access every vehicle without drilling access holes which is a requirement of all major insurance companies, not to mention, the preferred method for repairing door dings and hail damage.

PDR is the Preferred Method of Repair by Every Insurance Company for the Repair of Hail Damage

The insurance industry has become keenly aware of the improvements in the level of PDR repairs and the abilities of PDR techs. They realize the potential cost savings and are encouraging and pushing what was once considered conventional repair to the PDR arena. Our PDR School includes all PDR Tool and PDR Training for you to successfully eliminate sublet vendors and create an in-house profit center that will drive profits.

Ding King has over 23 years of experience!

Ding King PDR School has been teaching PDR for over 23 years and specializes in Paintless Dent Repair Courses specifically structured for body shop and used car dealers technicians who seek to internalize the repair process and save the money associated with sublet vendors.  Our certified team of professional instructors utilize a training curriculum which utilizes the most advanced training aids which include all 3 types of glue-pulling technologies. This will allow you to repair larger and more complex dents on difficult to access areas of the car to a consumer-acceptable level that was previously not thought possible. We have designed special tools to eliminate the issues that used to exist with the damaging of e-coat on the bottom side of metal as well as tools and techniques for working out dents on aluminum panels. All Ding King PDR School Tools have an assortment of rubber tips included in your package that can be slipped over the tool tip that will protect corrosion coatings from being damaged and help push dents on aluminum.

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